Wilde-Pedique is a treatment which provides a temporary natural appearance for unsightly and damaged nails.

Wilde-Pedique is an anti-mycotic light curing pedicure resin. This is used to cosmetically restore and reconstruct problematic toenails while providing a natural appearance.

Its active ingredient, micro silver, is what gives this special system the additional anti-mycotic protective quality.

It is flexible when dry and acts just like a natural toenail, which can be painted for a more desirable look.

The average length of time the nail will last is 6 to 8 weeks, but this will depend on the individual, the footwear and the activities undertaken.

Nail reconstruction does not damage the natural nail and will not restrict nail growth.

The nail growth determines the length of time between maintenance treatments.

Who Benefits From Wilde-Pedique?

Whilst not a cure for fungal nails, Wilde-Pedique treatment can help the spread of infection.

It can also improve the appearance of:

To ensure the treatment is suitable, you will need an initial assessment, which will also include treatment of the feet and nails.