Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

We are very pleased to offer a laser based treatment for fungal nail infections. These type of infections are very common with a 2005 study finding over a quarter of the population in Europe has some degree of nail infection.

The fungal infections themselves are not serious, but can be unsightly and a cause of secondary problems. The breakdown of the nail by the fungus may cause it to thicken which can be uncomfortable and lead to excessive pressure on the nail. The common fungal infections will also act as a source of recurring infection to the skin causing athletes foot.

The commonly used treatments for fungal nail infections have a place but also have significant limitations. Topical treatments are know to only be effective in early superficial infections. Oral medication has a small risk of liver related complications and needs to be taken for 6 months usually.

The laser based treatment we offer is a safe, effective way to treat the infection without medication. It works by causing localised heating in the infected nail sufficient to slow or kill the fungus without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. It has no side effects which means it can be safely used in people who are not able to use medication, but also can be used alongside other treatments to make them more effective.

A course of treatments is normally required as the nail grows to ensure the new growth does not become infected. It is known that reinfection rates (from skin, socks and shoes) are very high so our podiatrists will also look at how you can minimise your chances of this happening.

Please contact us to discuss if laser treatment would be suitable for your problem.